27 Jun 2012

PCLU Punjab mobilizes 180 million rupees from government to launch the first ever project against worst forms of child labour

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PCLU Punjab mobilizes 180 million rupees from government to launch the first ever project against worst forms of child labour

The PCLU Punjab has succeeded in getting the funds under Annual development programme of the Government of Punjab to launch a 5 years project for addressing worst forms of child labour in 4 districts Jhelum, Chakwal, Jhang and Layyah.. The total cost of the project would be 180.830 million rupees. This is a major breakthrough, as the exclusively government funds have been allocated for the first time in Pakistan to address worst forms of child labour. ILO-EU CACL-II project provided technical support in writing the project proposal for this project.

The main components of this project include: 

  •  To provide Non Formal Education and literacy services to the children of age group 5-18 years  involved in worst form of Child Labour in targeted four districts.
  • To provide pre vocational, vocational and skill training to the sibling and young person of the target families.
  • To improve the working conditions and setting up model workshops to encourage healthy youth employment.
  • To make arrangements for linking of target families with microcredit schemes.
  • The project will have strong involvement of stakeholders including district governments in the target districts, civil society organization , employers and workers besides the communities, which will help make it a replicable model for government and international donors.
  • The resources of the project will be targeted at the stakeholders i.e., children and young workers and only a small fraction will be used as administrative cost, making it a viable effort.

 Project targets

The project proposes a holistic strategy and consists of a set of administrative arrangements and direct interventions. The list of implementation mechanism and the interventions is given below.

  1. Baseline or rapid assessment surveys to assess the geographic and sectoral dimensions of worst forms of child labour in the respective districts.
  2. Establishment of non-formal education and literacy centers in the clusters where majority of target children (age below 18 year) and their siblings prone to WFCL can be enrolled.
  3. Enrolment of 2000 working children below the age of 14 in non-formal schools
  4. Enrolment of 2000 higher age group children in the literacy cum skill training classes.
  5. Linking of the families of children enrolled at non formal schools with micro-credit facility.
  6. Establishment of 50 model workplaces in in target districts to demonstrate risk reduction as tool to promote healthy employment of young and adult persons.
  7. Establishment and testing of mechanism for community level child labour monitoring in the four project districts.

Research studies, awareness campaigns, web and database development, special events, stakeholders dialogues to promote the lessons learned and to encourage their large scale adoption.

View Press coverage of seminar and children’s event on World Day Against Child Labour 2012 held by PCLU Punjab

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